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elio primo baracchini

My grandmother Ida


Welcome to my website!

This website is inspired by the necessity and interest to share with others the love for genealogy; the discovery of ones family tree be it modest, distinct or noble.

Even though just origins, they still deserve to be brought to light from the past in order to respect those who preceded us. Origins that have given us, at times with big sacrifices, character, the colour of our eyes, hair, skin and more specifically, life.

This first intervention is in particular being referred to those web surfers in the Austro-Hungarian area. I however believe that this could also interest anyone else in the world with a slight interest in history of the populations and the family tree.

I research etymology, the origins and the territorial expansion of the surname "KILZER", that characterises one of the branches of my family tree.

My research dates back to 6 February 1687 when in Tröpolach (Dobropolje, Dropolje), a small suburb of Hermagor (Šmohor) in the Duchy of Carinthia, now part of Austria, the wedding between CRISTOPHORUS KILZER and EVA PATTERRERIN was celebrated.

This couple gave birth to another CRISTOPHORUS KILZER who marries CRISTINA of MICHAELIS RANNER on 28 September 1722 in Rattendorf (Radnja vas), another suburb of Hermagor.

PETRUS KILZER was born on 21 May 1733, a young man full of great expectations and the sixth of eight children, with the spirit of adventure and mainly for profit, crosses the Carnic Alps and (I would love to assume) enlists himself in PONTEBBA, (Pontebe in Friulano, Pontafel in German, Tablja in Slovenian) in one of the companies for workers who offered manpower to Carnia that, in the 1750s, goes through a discreet socio-economic, cultural and demographic development.

The main occupations and economic income of that time were from the creation of buildings, bridges, dykes and roads and, therefore, cutting, transporting and working the timber, for the benefit of the Serenissima (Venetian Republic). In other words, Carnia was in need of manpower and PETRUS did not miss this opportunity.

PETRUS, first PETER then PIETRO, marries on 15 February 1763 in Sutrio, URSULA (Orsola in Italian - Šulin in Friulano) of Christophori of Joanne Baptiste Straulin dicto Christofela & Maria, and from then his life and that of the descendants interweave with the population of the Valle del But, the inhabitants of Zuglio first and then of its hamlets.

The original surname KILZER goes through a series of mutations due to the carelessness of the clerks of the time, changing initially to CHILZER and then to SCHILZER. This is the identification of the last three generations.

This is the summary of the family's history as deduced from the research made.

I now ask for collaboration in order to dig deeper in the pre 17th Century and for this reason I believe that the smallest suggestion would be essential in order to complete and expand the current knowledge; that prior to 6 February 1687.

I do not expect the interlocutor to go into the peculiarities of the family tree; that is my job, but rather more general help to discover:
" following which migration did the KILZERs establish themselves in the basin of the rivers Gail, Drava and Sava
" what is the real origin of the family, that I assume is Slav with the surnames KILC or KILCER
" what is the meaning of the word KILZER, that I assume originates from the name of the Polish city KIELCE
" which are the books and/or articles to consult in this regard (it does not matter in what language they are written)

Any other eventual news and information that is considered necessary.

You may wish to reply in the language you prefer.

I thank you for your cooperation and urge you reply to my email address.

Elio Primo Baracchini

perché la memoria viva

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